Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Throughout Sydney

We spent the last 3 days going through Sydney checking out many of the local galleries, museums, etc.

These first pictures are from Manly Oceanworld.  It was a fun little aquarium, although nothing to write home about.  Joe was really excited because they let him touch the Port Jackson shark.

The following are from the Australian Maritime Museum.  You were able to go aboard a destroyer and a submarine.  

We also went to the Opera House and the Aquarium, and Featherdale wildlife park.  Some of you may have noticed a lack of pictures on this blog.  It seems the one thing Australia does NOT have is fast internet.  Downloading pictures takes FOREVER.  So once I get back, I'll put all 1 million pictures onto a photo site, and let you all know the link.  Only 2 days left.

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