Thursday, October 6, 2011

Southbound Day 2

We’re at the beginning of our second day of the drive, and I’m trying to catch up a little bit on the blogging I’ve been slacking off on.  It turns out that throughout most of the Australian countryside you are lucky if you can get one radio station.  I actually pressed the seek button and had it go all the way around twice before settling on a station.  Driving through this country is completely different from the driving I’ve done throughout the US.  There are hours long stretches of nothing but wilderness and dry creekbeds, and when you do come to a town, you’re out of it again almost before you realize you are in it.  There’s just you and a single stretch of long, winding road surrounded by untouched countryside.  Where in the US it feels as if nature is in the way of our roads, here it is the opposite.  Just a lonely bit of human presence pushing its’ way through, trying desperately to hold back the nature which is fast encroaching on either side. It’s beautiful, and desolate; empty and full of life, wide and claustrophobic, all at the same time.  Mostly, it’s awe inspiring.

At lunchtime we stopped at a roadside park by the beach.  The tide was very far out, and we walked down to the water.  Joe was convinced he would find a sharks tooth, but alas, did not.

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