Wednesday, October 12, 2011


We went abseiling (rappelling) up in the Blue Mountains today. We started with a short, 5 meter abseil to learn, then worked our way up.  The second abseil was down a 15 meter face, although they didn't bother to tell you that about 5 meters down there was no more rock.  You were just hanging there, slowly letting yourself down with nothing to kick off of.  The last one was a 30 meters (98 feet), where most of it was hanging.  It was so scary and amazing.

The second part of the day was for hiking through the canyons.  The water itself was roughly 10 degrees celsius.  It was sooo cold.  We had on wetsuits and rain jackets and winter caps, all underneath our harnesses and helmets.  At the end of the canyoning we got to abseil down the 30 meter Empress Falls.

Yeti Crossing?

I was a mess going down the waterfall. I bashed into the rock about 50 times. Fabulous.

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