Thursday, October 6, 2011

Southbound Day 4

Today was a short day, so we stopped off in Surfer’s Paradise.  It was a fun little town, and had a giant 5 story haunted house that Joe had to go to.  It had some awesome animatronics, and my favorite part was when you had to climb into the mouth of the ex-prime minister then traverse his intestines, only to come out his backside on the other end, with a rollicking farting noise.  Hilarious (most things seem hilarious when you’ve been on the road for 4 days).  We felt the water with our toes (so cold), and headed on our way to our campsite.

We camped in Hat Head National Park, and it was glorious.  The first thing we saw upon driving in were several wallabies (including a joey) in our campsite.  Joe was so very excited.  We set up, used the last of the water in our bottles to cook some food, and enjoyed the wildlife.  We were woken bright and early (6am) the next morning by a butcher bird, which sounds very much like a recorder/flute.  Joe’s exact words were “I’m going to find that hippy playing that recorder and kill him”.  He even went out to search for him.  The wallabies that had congregated around our trailer laughed at him, I’m sure.  We never did see it.

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