Thursday, October 6, 2011

Southbound Adventure-Day 1

We picked our campervan up today.  Unfortunately we weren’t able to get it until after 10, so we got on the road a little late, and to our campground even later.  Note: do not try to set up your camper in the dark.  It was a very pretty drive though, through scenic countryside.  I find it a little crazy to think that the main arterial highway through the Australia coast is a small, two lane road.  Joe is convinced that we will see a kangaroo hopping through the brush.  I’m of the belief that the only way we’re going to see one in the wild is if we hit it with the camper.

I scoffed when the campervan people advised us not to drive at night.  However, once the sun went down, there was very little light.  There are no lights on the highway, and the only light we encountered came from an entire burning field of sugar cane.  Without the light pollution of nearby towns, the sky becomes a never-ending expanse of star spangled loveliness, although it is rather disconcerting to have the constellations be in the wrong place.

We saw a good deal of wildlife in our campground (more than we actually saw on our day hikes), including a possum, some parrots, and some other beautiful birds that hissed at us when we got too close.  We also found out that the fridge in our camper was broken, and had frozen all of our food solid. Fabulous. After packing up, we were on our way.

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