Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Great Barrier Reef

The bus picked us up for the dive trip this morning at 7am.  After a harrowing ride to the shop, we boarded the boat to head out to our living accommodations for the next two days.  The views heading out to the reef were absolutely beautiful, and both Joe and I were super excited to be there.  Joe expressed his excitement by promptly falling asleep and getting a sunburn on his face.  The rest of the trip people called him the panda. 

We reached the liveaboard two hours later, got to our berth, had lunch and proceeded to dive.  It was gorgeous.  The reef stretched for miles. It was almost unbelievable to realize that there were miles and miles of living animals right below our feet.

We managed 5 dives, including one night dive.  The night dive was spectacular.  I realized my lifelong dream of cuddling a cuttlefish on this dive.  There was a foot long cuttlefish that we found that tried to eat our guides’ torch (flashlight), then let me touch it.  It sat right in my hand.  It has probably been one of the high points of my life.  The next day on our last dive we came right up to a sea turtle, just chilling on the reef.  Joe thought it was funny that we found a sea turtle in the East Australian Current. 

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